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Creating HPE Software-defined Networks, Rev. 15.41 (CSDN)

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The Creating HPE Software-defined Networks course is suitable for all IT Professionals who want to build knowledge and skills around SDN. The focus of this course is on designing and implementing Software-defined Networks.


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning website.


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain what Software-defined Networking (SDN) is in broad terms
  • Describe Campus, Datacenter and Cloud SDN Solutions
  • Describe HPE VAN SDN Controller requirements, architecture and features
  • Integrate Mininet with the HPE VAN SDN controller
  • Explain features and functionality of HPE SDN Applications:
    • Network Protector SDN Application
    • Network Visualizer SDN Application
    • Network Optimizer for Microsoft Lync
  • Explain the OpenFlow protocol
  • UsecURL to interact with the Controller REST API
  • Configure Controller High Availability


The course provides an overview of SDN concepts, architecture, and network design elements, as well as how SDN-enabled applications can dynamically control network behavior and make deploying new solutions more efficient and less time consuming.

You will learn how SDN is used in networking environments and how SDN separates the control and data plane using OpenFlow as the open standard transport mechanism. SDN “use cases” are utilized to demonstrate how SDN can be used in real-world situations to solve network challenges, and demonstrate the implications that SDN will have on the current and future network designs.

You will learn how to implement the HPE VAN SDN Controller into an existing network by installing, configuring and licensing the HPE VAN SDN Controller. During the course you will be installing, configuring and testing the HPE Network Protector along with the HPE Visualizer SDN Application in the hands-on labs.

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