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OnCommand Insight: Advanced Report Creation with Report Studio (OCIARC)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Report Studio Overview: Navigating, Creating List Reports, Grouping, and Subtotaling
  • Log in to the OnCommand Insight reporting portal and change to Advanced view
  • Launch Report Studio and demonstrate a working knowledge of its functional areas
  • Create a list report
  • Apply sizing and grouping techniques to a list report
Module 2: Working with Lists: Formatting and Usability
  • Configure scroll bars on list-report output
  • Configure and position scroll bars on a list report in Report Studio
  • Configure alternating gray and white row backgrounds to ease the readability of list reports
  • Use HTML to freeze list-report headers
  • Use HTML to remove the toolbar from the top of list reports
  • Use HTML to configure expandable and collapsible list-report columns
  • Use HTML to create and configure tabbed list reports
Module 3: Working with Lists: Conditional Formatting
  • Add list-report columns that include calculations of percentage of capacity used
  • Add conditional formating to list-report rows, to change row color according to thresholds
  • Add conditional formating to list-report columns, to create ambient orbs that change color according to status
Module 4: Top 10 Reports, Value Prompts and prompt pages and Drill through
  • Create a “Top 10” array chart and list report
  • Add a value prompt to filter by manufacturer
  • Create a chart that shows capacity and used-capacity trending across the enterprise, filtered by manufacturer
  • Create a prompt page to filter by multiple manufacturers
  • Create drill-through reports that show all the hosts and storage that belong to a selected array
Module 5: Creating and Customizing Dashboards
  • Create and format a custom dashboard for report elements
  • Add bar, line, and pie charts to the dashboard
  • Customize charts for better usability
  • Add a capacity gauge to the dashboard
  • Add a raw-storage gauge to the dashboard
  • Add a utilization-percentage gauge to the dashboard
  • Copy and edit report dashboard elements for re-use
  • Export a report in HTML format for import into other OnCommand Insight Data Warehouses
Module 6: Embedding Graphics
  • Embed percentage-used and commit-ratio graphics into columns