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Introduction to Juniper Networks Routers – E-Series (ERX)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Day 1
Chapter 1: Course Introduction
Chapter 2: Overview of E-series Router Features and Applications
  • Juniper Networks Router Product Positioning
  • E-series Router B-RAS Applications
  • E-series Router Dedicated Access Applications
  • The SDX-300 Policy and Network Management System
Chapter 3: E-series Router Hardware Architecture Overview
  • E-series Product Family and Chassis Types
  • ERX-14xx/7xx/310 Architecture
  • E320 Architecture
  • Packet Flow
  • Redundancy
  • Hardware Installation Notes
Chapter 4: Introduction to the Command-Line Interface and Configuration Basics
  • CLI Modes and Shortcuts
  • Basic Configuration Using the CLI
  • Configuration Using Scripts and Macros
  • E-series Router Timing Configuration Options
  • E-series Router Boot Configuration and Reload Options
Chapter 5: E-series Virtual Routers
  • E-series Virtual Router Concepts
  • Configuring and Managing E-series Virtual Routers
  • Lab 1: Introduction to the E-series Router CLI
  • Lab 2: E-series Router Configuration Basics