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IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.4 Administration and Operations (TP303G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introducing IBM Cloud Orchestrator

  • Introduction to IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Key features in IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Positioning IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Exploring the IBM Cloud Orchestrator environment

  • OpenStack Icehouse overview
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator architecture

Installing IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.4

  • Deployment service overview
  • Installation
  • Deployment templates
  • Verification and troubleshooting
  • High availability considerations
  • Classroom environment

Administering IBM Cloud Orchestrator

  • Operating the IBM Cloud Orchestrator environment
  • Using the IBM Cloud Orchestrator interfaces
  • Customizing the user interfaces
  • Public Cloud Gateway

Creating and managing objects

  • Security model and terminology
  • Regions, availability zones, and quotas
  • Network considerations

IBM Cloud Orchestrator image management

  • OpenStack Glance image service architecture
  • Image service configuration
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator image management

Building, managing, and deploying patterns

  • Images and patterns
  • Virtual system classic pattern
  • Virtual application pattern
  • Virtual system pattern
  • Heat overview and components
  • Troubleshooting

Managing the deployed environment

  • Managing the deployed environment
  • Display instance and virtual machine details
  • Managing pattern instances and virtual machines
  • Modify virtual machine settings
  • Virtual machine disk management
  • On-board existing virtual machines
  • Virtual machine snapshots

Introduction to Business Process Manager

  • Orchestration overview
  • IBM Business Process Manager overview
  • IBM Process Designer
  • Business Process Manager artifacts
  • Managing self-service categories and offerings
  • Toolkits
  • Orchestration actions
  • Introduction to modifying an offering
  • Managing the process application lifecycle

Integration with LDAP

  • LDAP authentication options for IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Configuring LDAP integration
  • LDAP integration content pack

IBM Cloud marketplace

  • IBM Cloud marketplace
  • Obtaining material from the IBM Cloud marketplace
  • Using IBM Cloud marketplace assets in IBM Cloud Orchestrator