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IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.3 User (TN013G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Unit 1- Initial client setup

  • Client system configurations
  • System architecture and components
  • Installing legacy client system applications
  • New client Web GUI functionality
  • Configuring system variables

Unit 2 - Client Components

  • Legacy client functionality
    • Legacy communication protocols
    • Legacy directory structures
    • Launching the legacy OMNIbus Conductor component
    • Utilizing Conductor GUI elements
    • Configuring and utilizing the Event List component
    • Filters, views and event list configuration files
    • Filter builder functionality
    • View builder functionality
    • Legacy configurations within the Conductor
    • Configuring the Accelerated Event Notification (AEN) client
  • Tivoli Integrated Portal and Web GUI client functionality introduction
    • Access the TIP portal
    • Utilize TIP portal elements
    • Navigate within the TIP and Web GUI pages
    • Manage concurrent open pages
    • Enable Auto-Start preferences
    • Add pages to the MY Tasks view
    • Utilize troubleshooting and System Information links
    • Configure event list refresh rates
    • Change and save passwords

Unit 3 - Web GUI configurations

  • Filters
    • Search, create, copy, delete and modify filters and assign accessibility
    • Describe personal, Global and System filters
    • Assign Multiple data sources for filters
    • Utilize the filter builder functionality
    • Utilize and create basic filter SQL statements
  • Views
    • How to search, create, copy, delete and modify views and assign accessibility
    • Personal, Global and System views
    • Assigning multiple data sources for views
    • Defining Views to accept differing column definitions from ObjectServers
    • Utilizing the view builder functionality
  • Event Dashboard
    • Default Event Dashboard page
    • Event Dashboard icons and preferences pop-ups
    • Configuring Dashboard layouts, menu options and visuals
    • Configuring multiple data source entries for monitor boxes
    • Modifying and editing user and system wide setting for Dashboard page
  • Active Event List (AEL)
    • Launching and accessing the AEL
    • How filter SQL determines list elements
    • Utilizing the AEL icons, menus and filter and view assignments
    • Modifying and editing user and system wide setting for AEL page
    • Configuring multiple data source entries for AEL page
    • Implementing AEL with views containing different columns from different ObjectServers
    • Elements and indicators of the AEL page
    • AEL tools and actions on events
  • Lightweight Event List (LEL)
  • Table Views

Unit 4 - Web GUI interface - Maps

  • Map Example pages
    • Example map structure
    • Map interactivity
    • Utilizing Event List displays
    • Utilizing active map icons
    • Dependant filters in maps
    • Configuring multiple data sources in map
  • Map basic configuration
    • Basic map layout
    • Split page views (all pages)
    • Utilizing map elements
    • Creating a custom page