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IBM Tivoli Business Services Manager 6.1.1 for Administrators (TM337G)

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Introduction to IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager 6.1.1

  • Business Service Management overview

Service model basics

  • Starting and stopping Tivoli Business Service Manager components
  • Creating templates and incoming status rules
  • Creating template dependencies
  • Creating and testing service instances

Expanding service model capabilities

  • Expanding service matching flexibility
  • Expanding service identification fields
  • Creating multiple instances for the same node
  • Creating and testing output expressions
  • Creating numerical incoming status rules and customizing the service tree
  • Creating average response rules for a parent service
  • Using weighted averages in aggregation rules

Service level agreements

  • Service level agreement overview
  • Creating service level agreements
  • Testing and analyzing service level agreement operations
  • Creating and using maintenance schedules

Data fetchers

  • Creating services with business data
  • Aggregating business data in parent templates

External Service Dependency Adapter rules

  • External Service Dependency Adapter rule basics
  • Expanding the ESDA rule scope
  • Creating child services with Tivoli Business Service Manager policies

Automating service model creation

  • Creating services with events and automatic population rules
  • Creating services with data fetchers and automatic population rules
  • Creating services from discovered resources
  • Creating service models with the Business Service Composer and discovered resources


  • Tivoli Business Service Manager security overview
  • Configuring Tivoli Business Service Manager to use LDAP
  • Configuring secure communications with an LDAP server
  • Managing access with authorization roles

Custom dashboards and page management

  • Dashboard tools overview
  • Data connections
  • Creating dashboard pages
  • Managing dashboards

Command line administration

  • Creating and configuring services with the command line
  • Exporting and importing deployment customizations with the command line

Maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Deployment administration
  • Troubleshooting and support resources
  • Tuning the Tivoli Integrated Portal server

Single sign-on and application integration

  • Configuring single sign-on