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IBM Security zSecure CARLa Auditing and Reporting Language (TK232G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Chapter 1: Introduction and the CARLa Interface

  • The information types that CARLa can process.
  • Run CARLa programs using Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
  • Three most commonly used CARLa keywords
  • Write your own customized CARLa report

Chapter 2: CARLa SELECT and SORTLIST statements

  • Produce customized RACF reports
  • Specify the profiles that you want to report with SELECT statements
  • Format reports with SORTLIST statements and output modifiers
  • Add custom values to reports with user-defined fields

Chapter 3: Frequently Used CARLa functions

  • Report about information that is stored in repeat groups
  • Sub-filter the repeat group information with SUBSELECT statement
  • Create ISPF reports with drill-down capability using a DISPLAY statement
  • Combine information from multiple profiles and segments
  • Use string processing in reports

Chapter 4: NEWLIST and SUMMARY options

  • Combine multiple reports with the NEWLIST statement
  • Add statistical information to reports
  • Generate RACF commands with CARLa

Chapter 5: Advanced CARLa Functions

  • Use profile or record pre-selection with PROFLIST function
  • Use multiple input files to report about multiple systems or changes over time for the same system
  • Write multiple-pass CARLa programs to solve complex problems

Chapter 6: Use CARLa in batch jobs

  • Run CARLa programs with Job Control Language (JCL)
  • E-mail reports that are generated by CARLa
  • Generate Write To Operator (WTO) messages with CARLa
  • Produce reports in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format

Chapter 7: SMF reporting with CARLa

  • Produce reports about events that are logged in SMF records

Chapter 8: Other supported CARLa NEWLIST types

  • Produce and customize trusted users report
  • Report information from the Class Descriptor Table (CDT) with CARLa
  • Report the global RACF options (SETROPTS) with CARLa
  • Produce reports about the scope of a users permissions
  • Report custom CONSOLE class and DB2 region reports