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IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (V10.2) (1K110G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

  • describe IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)
  • identify the functionality of CDM
  • create a CDM report

Create and Edit Objects

  • create an object hierarchy
  • populate objects with data
  • import and export objects
  • configure settings from the object tree
  • add a shared object

Add Content to Objects

  • create data source connections and data source queries
  • add content to Microsoft Excel objects
  • describe and create variables
  • add content to PowerPoint objects

Generate the Report

  • generate an entire report
  • generate selected objects
  • create a snapshot

Perform Additional Configuration

  • configure workflow templates
  • create custom groups
  • create checklists

Use Views

  • view reference variables
  • describe the progress report
  • use the audit trail
  • view orphan variables, user workflow assignments, and snapshots

Perform Rollover and Cascade

  • roll a report forward
  • cascade a report
  • push down objects from source reports to cascaded reports

Create Dashboards

  • view fixed dashboards
  • create custom dashboards

Administer Security

  • describe role-based entitlements and group functionality
  • add application users and groups
  • associate users to groups
  • configure application and report permissions
  • view object check-in and check-out status
  • define an import source and import users and groups

Supplementary Information (Optional)

  • additional resources
  • object variables in IBM Cognos Disclosure Management
  • glossary