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Introduction to IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys (V4.0.1) (0G301G)

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Course Introduction

Introduction to Analyzing Text

  • Explain basic elements involved in analyzing text data
  • Explain what is text analysis
  • Describe a typical text analysis session
  • Describe some issues and considerations when analyzing text data

Creating a New Project

  • Create a new project in IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  • Create a new project by importing a statistics file
  • Create a new project by importing an Excel file
  • Describe the IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys interface

Project and Data Properties

  • View and modify project and data properties
  • Edit project properties
  • Edit data properties
  • View an entire project

Extracting Concepts, Types, and Patterns

  • Understand the link between the extracted information and the original response
  • Extract concepts
  • Extract types
  • Extract patterns

The Extraction Process

  • Extract concepts, types, and patterns within IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  • Know the steps of the extraction process
  • Refine extraction results
  • Use extraction options

Linguistic Resources

  • Modify the linguistic resources
  • Access project libraries and dictionaries
  • Create types
  • Create synonyms
  • Create exclusions

Reviewing Categories

  • Review categories and see how they are related to the concepts and text itself
  • Use TAPs to create categories
  • Review content category and relate it to the actual responses
  • Understand relationships among categories bu using visual techniques

Categorization Techniques

  • Learn available categorization techniques
  • Explain general approaches to categorization
  • Use linguistic based categorization
  • Use frequency based categorization

Categorizing Responses

  • Create categories automatically
  • Create categories manually
  • Create category rules

Advanced Categorization

  • Explain options available in the advanced resources
  • Import code frames
  • Improve categorization by extending categories
  • Improve category documentation through response flags and

Exporting Categories

  • Export to IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Export to Excel
  • Export summary graphs

Managing and Re-Using Resources

  • Manage and reuse linguistic resources
  • Manage and reuse a template
  • Manage and reuse a TAP
  • Manage and reuse libraries

Tips and Hints

  • Improve efficiency in IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  • Work with multiple questions on the same project
  • Re-use categories

Course Summary