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Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using IBM SPSS Amos (v22) (0G203G)

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Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling

  • Some Examples of SEM Models
  • Terminology in SEM

Drawing Diagrams in Amos Graphics

  • Launching Amos Graphics
  • Drawing the Diagram
  • Example - Sample Factor Analysis Path Diagram
  • Example - Multiple Regression Path Diagram

Regression Analysis in Amos

  • Setting up a Regression in Amos
  • Requesting a Linear Regression
  • Regression Output
  • Demonstration: Multiple Regression

Testing Model Adequacy

  • Implied versus Sample Moments
  • Requesting Implied and Sample Moments
  • Constraining the Regression Weight to Zero
  • Testing a Hypothesis with the Chi-Square Test
  • Displaying the Chi-Square Test in the Diagram
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Verifying the Degrees of Freedom
  • Model Identification
  • Demonstration: Testing the Fit of a Path Analysis Model

Additional Fit Measures in Amos

  • Alternative FIT Measures
  • Demonstration: Fitting a Model with Multiple Regression

Confirmatory Factor Analysis in Amos

  • Latent vs. Observed Variables
  • Exploratory vs. Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Estimating and Identifying a Latent Model in CFA
  • Requesting a Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Demonstration of a Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The General Model

  • Requesting the General Model
  • Demonstration: General Model

Analyzing Data With Missing Values in Amos

  • Demonstration: How to Use the Full Information Maximum Likelihood Method to Handle Missing Values
  • Estimating Means and Intercepts
  • Imputing Missing Data
  • Demonstration: Imputing Missing Data in Amos
  • Analyzing the Imputed Data Files

Improving the Fit of a Model

  • Correcting the Model
  • Modification Index
  • Demonstrating How to Use Modification Indices
  • Trimming a Model for Better Fit
  • Demonstrating How to Trim a Model for Better Fit
  • Using Modification Indices with Missing Data

Getting the Best Model with Specification Search

  • Exploratory Factor Analysis
  • Performing a Specification Search
  • Demonstration: Regression Analysis