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Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (NMENPI)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

  • Defining Network Management
  • Exploring the Network Management Process
  • Introducing Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Installing Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Getting Started with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Configuring Initial Server Settings

Module 2: Inventory Management

  • Populating the Network Inventory
  • Managing the Network Inventory
  • Managing Groups
  • Managing Network Device Software Images

Module 3: Map the Network

  • Managing Wireless Maps
  • Managing Network Topology Maps

Module 4: Role-Based Access Control

  • Managing Virtual Domains
  • Managing Local User Authentication and Authorization
  • Managing Remote AAA Mode Settings

Module 5: Configuration Management

  • Managing the Configuration Archive
  • Managing Configuration Templates for Wired Devices
  • Managing Configurations for Wireless Devices
  • Using Plug and Play

Module 6: Services Management

  • Working with AVC, QoS, and IWAN Services
  • Deploying Cisco TrustSec Identity Services
  • Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure v2.2

Module 7: Monitor and Troubleshoot

  • Monitoring Devices and Interfaces
  • Monitoring the Wireless Network
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Tracking Clients and Users
  • Generating Reports

Module 8: System Administration

  • Managing the Server
  • Using Cisco Prime Infrastructure API
  • Using Operations Center